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24/7 College Football: Washington State Cougars

This edition of HBO Sports' all-access college football series chronicles Washington State and head coach Mike Leach.

Mike Leach tells his story in a new ESPN E:60 documentary

In a new ESPN E:60 documentary, Coach Mike Leach talks about Texas Tech and Washington State.

Mike Leach among top 10 winningest active coaches

Leach now has 133 career wins in his 17 years as a head coach, spotting him No. 8 on the FBS active coach's wins list -- ahead of MSU's Mark Dantonio and just behind Notre Dame's Brian Kelly.

Texas Tech football: It is time to end the Kliff Kingsbury experiment

With the Texas Tech football team destined to go another season without a winning record, it is time to put an end to the Kliff Kingsbury experiment.

Fired in 2009, football coach Mike Leach still rages at Texas Tech and Texas law

Eight years after Texas Tech fired football coach Mike Leach, Leach is still fighting his old school for money he thinks he's owed. But a law protecting state entities from lawsuits is hampering his efforts.

Mike Leach on TTU Termination: "I'm Going to Make Sure People Know the Facts"

Mike Leach resurfaced old wounds about his public termination from Texas Tech University after he claimed the University still owed the remainder of his contract. He has hired a team out of Houston to investigate his case in hopes of getting what he said is owed.

Mike Leach pushing for Texas Tech to pay wages from 2009

"Their smart play is to pay the man," Dolcefino said.

Mike Leach hires private investigator to help get wages from Texas Tech

At the beginning of the season, it was just a barrage of tweets complaining about sovereign immunity. But recently, the Mike Leach rampage on the state of Texas and Texas Tech University has only gotten louder.

Washington St coach Mike Leach trying to pressure Texas Tech

Washington State coach Mike Leach is making a big push to get Texas Tech to pay him some $2.5 million that Leach feels he is owed for the 2009 season.

Mike Leach hires firm to dig up dirt on 'weasels' at Texas Tech

Dolcefino Consulting, a firm in Houston, is working on behalf of Leach to help pressure Tech into paying him the money he says he’s still owed for the 2009 football season — about $2.5 million. Leach remains Tech’s winningest coach but was fired after the 2009 season, when the Red Raiders finished 9-4.

Mike Leach tweets 'help me get justice from Texas Tech'

Mike Leach's beef with former employer Texas Tech rages on, this time on social media.

Mike Leach: ‘They are outright crooks at Texas Tech’

"They were outright crooks at Texas Tech," said former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach during a news conference yesterday.

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach calls for ‘Pay Coach Leach’ rally in Lubbock

Leach, now the head coach at Washington State, posted a graphic to Twitter on Thursday, calling for Texas Tech fans to attend “rally for justice” outside of Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock at 10 a.m. Saturday. Texas Tech is scheduled to host Iowa State at 11 a.m. local time this Saturday.

Mike Leach still fumes over dispute with Texas Tech

Mike Leach is still angry at certain people from Texas Tech. He says they cheated him and stole his money.

Why Mike Leach is angry about Texas Tech and sovereign immunity

Leach has shared a lot about sovereign immunity, a legal doctrine that protects governments from being sued.

Former Red Raider head coach Mike Leach rips Texas Tech

Mike Leach is still livid at how the university treated him in his firing and subsequent failure to pay him what he was due as the head coach of the Red Raiders.

Mike Leach Says He Was 'Cheated out of' Contract Salary at Texas Tech

Former Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Mike Leach told USA Today's Brent Schrotenboer he still harbors resentment toward his ex-employer because he believes he was "cheated out" of portions of his salary.

Can Texas Tech pay Mike Leach already?

Ask Mike Leach any question and and there’s a good shot he’ll end up circling back to all that money Texas Tech owes him.

Mike Leach Vs. Texas Tech: Adam James Deposition

Supporting documents in the case former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach has brought against the university including testimony of Adam James, a Texas Tech football player.

Leach fired short of Tech's bowl game

Texas Tech fired coach Mike Leach on Wednesday, two days after he was suspended by the school as it investigated his treatment of a player with a concussion.

Leach Expects Depositions in Texas Tech Suit to Clear His Name

Mike Leach is hoping to land a job after his contentious firing as coach at Texas Tech last year, partly on the grounds that he mistreated one of his players.

Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach Fired After Claims of Abuse

Texas Tech University football coach Mike Leach was fired today in the wake of allegations that he mistreated one of his players.