Why is it profitable to bet on rugby?

Overseas, this game is comparable in acclimation to football. And for gambling, this is a pretty attractive sport. More and more cappers are interested in how to place rugby bets and what are their features.

This is truly a sport for strong men. Athletes here require considerable physical training to participate in wrestling, grabbing the ball and using various wrestling techniques that will help stop and bypass an opponent in a fierce fight. The brutality and fury of rugby cannot go unnoticed by the leading bookmakers, which offer attractive odds on the abundance of events. The local bettor should be familiar with this game and its rules in order to understand how to properly bet on this game.

Pros and cons of rugby betting

The pluses of gamblinng include:

  • It is a highly specialized sport. Those who are able to follow clubs and find information on statistics can easily find values;
  • There is often a very large difference in the class of teams, which is reflected in the odds. But on the other hand, here the favorites beat their rivals much more often. This allows you to bet on favorites without much fear;
  • Each club plays 1 match per week (and sometimes less often). This makes it possible to collect complete information about the team;
  • High performance of matches, which allows you to make profitable bets on total

The disadvantages of gambling are:

  • Not too wide list for events, as well as a small selection; championships in the line (compared to the same football or tennis);
  • Problems with finding team statistics;
  • Inflated margin compared to top sports;

Features of rugby betting

This sport is divided into three main types, and each has its own rules and characteristics.
1. Rugby-7. In this version, there are seven players from each team on the field. The match consists of two halves of seven minutes.
2. Rugby League. Thirteen athletes from each team play on the field, the duration of one half is 40 minutes. A less powerful and more dynamic version of this game.
3. Rugby Union. The classic version of the competition, where 15 athletes from each side play on the field. The duration of one half is 40 minutes.

Sometimes American football is referred to as a variety of this game, but this is a completely different sport with its own rules, categories of statistics and game logic. In order not to get confused in concepts and varieties, the bettor needs to learn the rules before gambling on this game.

Special rates

It has unique rules as it is very different from many other sports. There is even an oval ball, not a round one. You can find special rates from bookmakers:
Total attempts. How many times a player will be able to take the opponent’s in-class field. An effective action brings the team 4 points.
Starting 10 points. Which team will be the first to score the first 10 points.
Total cards. The players of which team will receive more cards in a half or the whole game.
The first effective action. It doesn’t matter: a free kick, a drop goal, or a try. In this game, there are also individual rates on the actions of individual players.

Should you try betting on rugby?

It is not the easiest sport to bet on, although it is no longer the most unpopular in the bookmaker’s office. In any case, if you are not prepared with knowledge of the game, then it will be risky to spend money on gambling. Therefore, do not rush to a decision, and at least watch several tournaments without rates, study the laws of this sport, understand which markets are more convenient for you to gamble, and only then start making money by gambling on rugby!