Why should you bet on badminton?

Badminton is quite an exotic sport for many bettors. However, it has many benefits that might encourage you to at least try to bet on this sport. You may only win if you have good badminton predictions. There are enough resources on the Internet with analogical data about badminton that will help you make a successful bet.

Features of betting on badminton

The main feature of badminton is that it is an unpopular sport. Consequently, bookmaker analysts pay less attention to it, and the likelihood of a so-called value is higher. Value is a situation when the firm underestimates the probability of an event.
For example, you are gambling on the winner of a match and you think that the probability of this outcome is 40%. If you translate this into a coefficient, you get 100/40 = 2.5. But bookmakers accept rates with a quote of 2.8, which in percentage is equal to 100 / 2.8 = 35.71. In this case, you can take advantage of underestimation by analysts and make money.

Available bet types

Here’s what you can most often bet on:

  1. the outcome or victory of a certain athlete in a set and a match;
  2. handicap in terms of the number of points (may apply to the entire fight and to a specific set);
  3. handicap by sets;
  4. total points (it can also be total in a game or match, individual and general);
  5. accurate account;
  6. the first set / match (for example, in the game Gill R. / Van der Aar I. – Nor N. / Magelund A. the starting set was won by the first pair, but at the end of the fight the second pair turned out to be the winners, therefore, the bet W1 / W2 would have played);
  7. the difference in points;
  8. extra points.

Fundamentals of badminton analysis

For successful bets, each match must be carefully analyzed. In badminton, the following factors need to be considered:
The level of each player. This information can be conveniently viewed, for example, on the bwf.com website. There are also statistics for each athlete, in particular, the percentage of victories in his career and comparison with other rivals.
Form in recent fights. As in any other sport, most often the winner is the one who won in previous matches. But to see the real picture, it is advisable to watch badminton matches. This will give you the opportunity to see the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete.
Odds of different bookmakers. If the quotes in the line for badminton are very different from your opinion, you need to check your forecast. Perhaps you did not take into account some factors, did not read the latest news, and everything could already have changed.

How to place badminton bets correctly

From the foregoing, we can conclude that for success in betting on this sport, the following is necessary:

  • knowledge of the rules and hierarchy of tournaments;
  • the ability to assess the level of each player and the difference between rivals;
  • the ability to take into account the form in recent fights (all this is acquired with experience) and the tournament rating (for example, challengers and futures are less prestigious than the Gold Series and the World Series);
  • the right choice of strategy.

The process of gambling itself is no different from other sports disciplines, every person who gambles knows it. First you need to select a sport, then events. After that, you should select the coefficient, that is, click on it and withdraw the wager amount in the coupon.
The biggest mistake newbies make is that they start playing without analysis. In some cases, the analysis of a future fight looks very superficial. For example, a person saw the positions of future opponents in the rating and did not take into account their previous matches, including face-to-face matches, and the tournament rating. Because of this, he will inevitably lose his money.