Why should you bet on volleyball ?

Volleyball is considered not only one of most favored entertainment on the planet, following football, hockey and basketball, but also 1 of most liked sports for betting in bookmakers. If it is risky and unpromising to bet on some sports disciplines with a bookmaker, then volleyball bets with a high possibility can bring profit to the players! But for this you need to comprehend it.

In this article, we will analyze main kinds of volleyball bets that bookmakers offer in their lines, and also name several attributes that are characteristic of sport and should be taken into account when gambling.

Volleyball as a sport and betting discipline

Volleyball is favored in majority of countries in the world, and gambling on it attracts many bettors. He is loved for his high dynamism, entertainment (yes, we are talking about spectacular rescues, comebacks and more) and sufficient predictability. Well, he is also efficient and divided into segments, which gives more chances for gambling.
If you bet on this sport correctly, then they are able to bring players profit over a long distance, because with a competent sports analysis, it is not so hard to predict the outcomes of fights. Club and individual data almost always help in the accurate analysis of game.

To successfully wager on sport, you also must to learn rules of sports discipline:

  • In most tournaments, the game is played up to 5 sets (parties) or one of the teams wins in 3 sets;
  • If the team wins in the first three games, it is awarded the victory in this fight;
  • To win a match, you need to score 25 points with a margin of at least 2 points; with a score of 24:24, game is played till one of teams leaves off 2 points;
  • If match reaches 5 sets, then it is played up to 15 points, while condition of a break-off of at least 2 points remains.

How to do analysis

Make volleyball predictions for contest games with lots of info. For example, data on club and individual players can be found on the Champions League, Russian and Italian competitions.
When choosing minor leagues, you run the risk of only getting scraps of information or erroneous data. This will increase the probability of a wrong decision.

When placing rates on volleyball, pay attention to:

  • disqualifications/injuries of players in lineups of both clubs tournament motivation of opponents,
  • home court factor,
  • the results of the previous 5-10 games of each team,
  • history of the last five personal meetings.

How to place volleyball bets correctly?

We have already written more than once that for a successful transaction, you need to comprehend rules of this sport and peculiarity of gambling. Let’s take a closer look:
In this sport, role of each player cannot be underestimated. Each club has athletes who score 15 points per game.They are 1 who determine the result of the meeting. Be sure to take this point into account and before placing a wager, study the info about such players: whether they will participate and whether they have any injuries. Here you can safely trust data of both the team and athletes.
It is vital to adhere to the pre-match analysis and not rush to place gambles in live mode. It has often happened that at the beginning of the game the favorite is inferior to the opponent, but at the end of the set he takes his.
Sometimes it is better to place your rates just before the start of the match. But before that, you need to study the team standings and competition schedules. It is possible that the team, which was the favorite during the week, will lose to the rival in an insignificant game, since the reservists will enter site. Bookmakers are quick to navigate this and the odds can vary greatly.